The Path Less Ridden
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  • Luke

    jeez, making ghighi ride as pillion on her own bike, bad drills Dave, Bad drills

    also you look like a hipster!!

  • gavin garrett

    Just come across your blog, looks good and will read with much interest. I’m doing 4 months in S>E>Asia from November 2015, who did your girlfriend Ghigh ship her bike with and what was the cost? was it Sydney to Kuala Lumpur?

    1. PathLessRidden Post author

      Hi Gavin,

      Yes, she shipped Sydney to KL. We had a lot of issues with her shipping, so we wouldn’t necessarily recommend this process – particularly as KL seems to be much more difficult with the importing than Penang. Ghighi’s thoughts below:

      On the Australian side I went through Stewart as well from Tradelanes Global Solutions PTY LTD as mentioned above. I paid him AUD $300 for the freight. I went to the customs near Sydney International Airport myself to clear the carnet, however he helped me on the phone with some questions I had when doing the customs. As I did not know how to crate a bike I asked the garage Procycles Hornsby that does this very regularly. They charged me AUD $275 for it, plus Stewart arranged the pick up from the garage to Port Botany for AUD $100.

      On the Malaysian side, I went to the AAM headoffice (Automobile Association of Malaysia) to get an ICP – It was a bit hard to get there (take a train for Central station until Batu Tiga, then walk half an hour). They require a local insurance to deliver the ICP but I gave them my Australian certificate and it worked. They charged me MYR 150 (AUD $54) to deliver the ICP. Once I had it I went to Port Klang to meet with Lan from Alliance Logistics (the office recommended by Stewart). They charged me MYR 509 (AUD $183) for the delivery order. When having the ICP and delivery order I was ready to go clear the customs, for which I was very fortunate that Lan helped me. First of all it is quite complicated to get to Westport where the customs are. There it was a full day of going around to get all the required stamps and it is much better with someone who knows his way. Finally the next day I went to pick up the bike from the warehouse in Westport as well, which charged me MYR 462 (AUD $166).

      Total costs: $1,078 including
      Crating: $275
      Transport to Port Botany: $100
      Freight: $300
      Delivery order: $183
      ICP: $54
      Warehouse: $166‏

      1. gavin garrett

        thanks very much for that I have a contact in shipping here but the info about Malaysia very helpful, cheers

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